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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we support?

VIP MOOV provides exclusive expatriation and immigration services to businesses, corporations, and private individuals looking to move abroad.
We can handle everything from visa paperwork to VIP concierge services in situ.

What are the VIP Private Client services?

VIP MOOV is proud to offer a comprehensive service with a much deeper level of involvement. This is for clients who want the highest degree of support at every single level of the process.
This is far more than a way to aid with paperwork. Our VIP Private Client Services include everything from concierge services, accommodations, private flights, etc. The sky is the limit.

How does the process work?

Reach out to speak with one of our immigration experts. We’ll go over your needs, goals, and concerns.
Then we’ll craft an effective plan to make it happen. Once the paperwork has started and your bags are packed – we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure things go smoothly.

Why choose VIP MOOV over other relocation services?

Unlike other expatriation services, VIP MOOV is proud to make these complicated situations as simple as possible. We take all of the stress, worry, and tedious work out of the move.
This way businesses can focus on expanding and individual expats can enjoy their new adventure.

Which countries do you work in?

We specialize in moving you in AND out of the following countries:
● France ● United Kingdom ● Germany ● Belgium ● Spain ● Italy ● United Arab Emirates ● Qatar ● Oman ● Kuwait ● Jordan ● Egypt ● Saudi Arabia ● Bahrain ● Lebanon ● Turkey ● USA ● Canada ● Portugal ● Netherlands ● Morocco ● Algeria ● Tunisia ● South Africa ● India ● Singapore ● Malaysia ● Thailand ● Sweden ● Switzerland
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